Power Project Evaluation, Economics and Development

Novotel Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Malaysia,
25 - 27 April 2018

Power Project Evaluation, Economics and Development

Focus on key challenges facing investors, developers, operators and planners etc in most dynamic electricity, gas and renewable energy sectors in Asia

The markets for power projects are changing. Evaluating project opportunities requires in-depth understanding of these changes, which can involve a variety of fundamental market and policy risks, and other factors.

In this specially designed up-to-date course, we would cover valuation issues underpinning a variety of common project types, including traditional coal projects, gas-to-power projects (small scale and larger scale), and renewable energy projects. The course would focus on projects with some degree of merchant exposure or where underlying fundamentals are important to the investment decision.

Examples include buying assets with nearly expired PPAs but options to negotiate extension; exposure to merchant market risk (wholesale spot market and retail contracting), and risks associated with investments in renewable energy that may not be covered by a FiT regime.

We would have particular regard to the most dynamic and active markets in Asia.

Ably Led by

Mike Thomas

  • Co-founder and partner of The Lantau Group
  • An expert in the rigorous analysis of energy sector decisions
  • Nearly 30 years of consulting experience in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines and Hong Kong etc
  • MPP from Harvard Kennedy School and BA in economics from Carleton College

The course will be held in a highly interactive workshop format with presentations, case studies, examples, exercises and group discussion sessions.

Pre-Course Questionnaire will be sent to you prior to the workshop to complete. Professor Richard will analyze in advance and address the issues during the course.

Upon the successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance bearing the signatures from both the Expert Trainer and the Course Organizer. This Certificate will testify your endeavour and serve towards your professional advancement.

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Programme (3-day)

Day 1: Markets vs Regulation: Trends and Issues across the Region

1) Supply and demand

2) Fuel markets

3) Competition and financing issues

4) Regulatory & policy issue

After discussing how these “four lenses” apply across the region generally, we will apply them to two countries more specifically, such as Vietnam and the Philippines– two dynamic markets accounting for significant current and prospective commercial activity. We would take a particularly close look at solar vs gas vs coal in the Philippines, and how the existing seasonality of hydro generation drives much of the future electricity industry in Vietnam.

Day 2: Identifying and analysing different types of value drivers and risks

The structure of Day 2 would be, in so far as practicable, built around actual examples or reasonably realistic scenarios that affect generation investors and stakeholders. It would reflect on and further illustrate some of the concepts discussed during Day 1.

1) Exposure to dispatch risk – when does it matter, what does it mean.

Examples and Case Studies from China (RE curtailment),Philippines (location-specific pricing), and PPA markets

2) Gas vs Coal vs Solar – looking at the economics of dispatch, the value of energy produced and the value of flexibility and responsiveness.

Mini-exercise to work out the challenges that arise when pricing the operation of an LNG import terminal or when determining what type of contract for gas that a power station should consider

3) Valuing a power station at the end of its contract – what is the value of a power station that could continue to run but whose contract has expired?

Day 3: Case study on the economics of optimal integration of natural gas

  • Highlights the value of flexibility
  • Considers the evolving experience with gas supply contracting and gas infrastructure investment as gas markets develop;
  • Analyses the impact on natural gas demand of different mechanisms for reducing CO2 emissions;
  • Illustrates the tariff impact of restricting the construction of new coal-based generation
  • Determines how sensitive gas volumes are to assumptions concerning future costs and performance characteristics of solar panel technology; and
  • Draws possible implications for LNG terminal operations and pricing of terminal related services.

We would draw on a combination of experience in the Philippine market where a number of stakeholders are exploring or developing gas-based solutions and markets such asVietnam, where gas resources exist but infrastructure and commercial arrangements are not fully developed. We would also consider the implications of Singapore’s efforts to establish an LNG hub.

Day 3 would end with an open Q&A session with an opportunity for participants to have flagged issues ahead of time for special discussion.

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com
Or please call us at Tel: +65 6848 7791

About Your Expert Trainer

Mike has advised energy sector stakeholders on sensitive regulatory, commercial and strategic matters for nearly 30 years, and has worked with energy sector clients inAsiasince 1997. As an advisor, he has led a diverse array of engagements. He is an expert in the rigorous analysis of energy sector decisions involving regulation and policy; competition and markets; commercial transactions and value drivers; and strategy and risk. Mike and his team have extensive consulting experience in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar etc., and have developed strategies and recommendations based on economic fundamentals and a very deep understanding of each country’s situation.

Mike co-founded The Lantau Group in 2010, a specialist economic consultancy and advisory firm focussed on electricity and gas markets in the Asia Pacific region. Prior to that, he headed the Asia Pacific Energy & Environment practice of a global consulting firm. Mike has an MPP fromHarvardKennedySchooland a BA in economics fromCarletonCollege.

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com
Or please call us at Tel: +65 6848 7791

Who should attend?

All those involved in the electricity, gas and renewable energy project and market investment, development, operation and planning, including:

  • Developer
  • Owner
  • Investor
  • Regulator and officer
  • Supplier
  • Trader
  • Planner
  • Advisor
  • Policy Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Economist
  • Business Development Manager
  • Commercial Manager
  • Financier
  • Finance Manager or Director
  • Auditor
  • Projects Manager / Engineer
  • Operation Manager
  • Consultant
  • Lawyer

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com
Or please call us at Tel: +65 6848 7791

Why this Course

This course focuses on key challenges facing power sector investors, operators and planners etc in Asia. We will examine a selection of typical and challenging questions, such as: what are the risks to which a given project (in a given market) is exposed? How can these risks be measured or quantified? What are the key value drivers in different markets, with respect to both the amount of generation capacity added, and the technology/fuel mix of which new capacity is made up? What is the outlook for gas vs coal vs renewables in different markets? What drives dispatch and how does dispatch risk affect project value in different markets?

Using an economic framework and building on experience throughout the region, and taking into account specific issues or countries of interest to participants, we will examine the economics and commercial implications of different choices.

Case studies will canvas frequent questions concerning the economics of coal vs natural gas, and the economics of natural gas vs solar. The case studies will provide an opportunity for interactive development of several scenarios that we will then evaluate together given different forms of regulatory or market scenarios.

For example, renewable energy in the Philippines has been attracted by feed-in tariffs, but the certainty of obtaining a feed-in tariff has not been known until the project is commissioned – creating an unusual risk profile for the investors. In PPA markets the profit “component” of the electricity tariff charged by power projects is typically included in a fixed payment that is paid by the off taker regardless of level of dispatch – but at times investors may choose to include some portion of “profit” in the variable portion of the electricity tariff which exposes the profit to dispatch (over which the power project has no control).

Don’t miss this specially designed high value course!

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com
Or please call us at Tel: +65 6848 7791

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