Construction Claims Master Class

Beijing, P. R. China 北京,中国,
23 - 25 November 2016

Construction Claims Master Class

An outstanding 3 day course providing practical insights and essential skills on the principles and techniques required for time and money claims under construction contracts

In all construction contracts there will be claims. Understanding how to properly prepare, defend and manage claims is essential for a successful project outcome, and will maximise the number of claims that can be settled without escalating into costly and time consuming disputes.

This 3 day course consists of nine modules and is designed to provide detailed practical assistance in the presentation, analysis, management and resolution of claims under construction contracts. It is an essential guide to the common techniques and principles used for claims. The course will commence with an overview of the widely used FIDIC suite of contracts, and then discuss risks in construction projects and how they are allocated under construction contracts. Module 1 will also include an introduction to Private Public Partnerships. Modules 2 to 9 focus on claims and will cover topics such as identifying claims, cause and effect, entitlement, the Parties’ contractual responsibilities and obligations, the Engineer’s obligations, notices, supporting records, extensions of time, delay and disruption, concurrency, delay analysis methods, variations, quantifying the claim, contractual procedures, operations of the Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB) and after the DAB decision.

Both Contractor and Employer claims will be covered. The course also deals with how to properly respond to submitted claims, common defences to claims and discusses ways of avoiding or minimising claims at the planning and implementation stages.

The uniqueness of this course is that whilst focusing on the essential principles and practice required for pursuing or defending construction claims, it also combines this with understanding how different wording in contracts affects the way time and money claims are dealt with. Fundamental to this uniqueness is the 3 day duration which allows for an extensive and wide ranging programme, and ensures that each topic has an in-depth coverage. A further key attribute is the workshop format and limited class size so as to optimise the overall learning experience of participants.

The course is designed to promote maximum interaction between the attendees and the tutor, and will include many discussion sessions, case studies and group exercises on practical issues. Throughout the course there will be ample opportunities for questions.

Excellent feedback has been received for this course, and its popularity continues to grow. Recent courses have been successfully held in Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Tanzania and Ghana.



所有的施工合同都可能会有索赔。 了解如何恰当地准备,辩护和管理索赔对一个项目的成果至关重要,而且能够最大程度地避免索赔升级为费时费钱的纠纷。





为了促进学员和导师之间最大程度的互动,本课程将包括许多针对实际问题的讨论会,案例分析和小组练习。 在整个课程中,学员会有足够多机会来提出问题。


For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com

Telephone: +65 6557 9167

Twitter: @NeoedgeSG

This 3-day workshop consists of eight modules and is designed to provide detailed practical assistance in the presentation, analysis and resolution of claims. It is an essential guide to the common techniques and principles used for claims.

This 3-day course will be covering the following modules:

  1. Conditions of contract and allocating risk
  2. Types and nature of claims
  3. Notification and records
  4. Time related claims
  5. Additional payment claims
  6. Contractual procedures (this module relates to FIDIC contracts)
  7. Foundations for a successful claim or response
  8. Engineer’s determination under FIDIC contracts (this module relates to FIDIC contracts)
  9. Operations of the Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB) and after the DAB decision

The course will include approximately 30 “actual” case studies covering topics such as:

  • Consequences of letters of intent
  • Effect of ‘float’ on EOT entitlement under various standard forms of contract
  • At what point in time does the 28 day notice period apply from
  • Valuation of rock arising from a substantial increase in the BOQ quantity
  • Any entitlement to EOT and/or additional payment if works shown on the contract drawings are not included in the tender BOQ
  • If the Engineer does not sign or amend submitted record sheets can he later claim that they are not correct
  • Can delay damages be deducted when an Engineer has failed to deal with a Contractor’s claim for EOT
  • Does Contractor have a claim when external Authorities take longer than expected to approve design drawings
  • Calculation of delay by ‘Windows’ analysis
  • Can DAB be appointed if Employer contends there is no ‘dispute’ because the Engineer is still considering the issues
  • What happens if errors are found in the DAB decision after it has been issued


  1. 合同条件和风险分配
  2. 索赔的种类和性质
  3. 通知和记录
  4. 时间相关的索赔
  5. 额外支付索赔
  6. 与FIDIC相关的合同索赔程序
  7. 成功索赔或应对的基础
  8. FIDIC合同下工程师的决定
  9. 争端裁决委员会的运作及裁决后续跟进

本课程包括约30个 “真实”案例研究,涵盖重要议题包括:

  • 意向书引起的结果
  • 各种不同标准的合同下,“浮动”对时间延迟权利的影响
  • 28天通知期应该从什么时间算起
  • 如果合同图纸中所示的工作没有包括在投标书的分项报价表里,可否申请工期延期或额外付款
  • 如果工程师没有签署或修改提交的记录表,他以后可否声明那些记录不正确
  • 如果工程师未能成功处理承包商的延期索赔,可否扣除延迟损失
  • 如果职权机构需要比预期长的时间来批准设计图纸,承包商可否索赔
  • 如果业主以工程师还在考虑为由,声明没有“争端”,可否依旧安排争端裁决委员会
  • 如果发现争端裁决委员会已经发出的裁决里有错误,该如何处理

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com

Telephone: +65 6557 9167

Twitter: @NeoedgeSG

About Your Expert Trainer


About Your Expert Trainer

  • Highly experienced construction professional specialising in the resolution and avoidance of disputes and contentious issues on worldwide civil engineering projects
  • Has been a practising Quantity Surveyor for nearly 40 years with particular expertise in FIDIC, NEC and ICE contract conditions
  • Received numerous appointments as lead advisor in contractual claims preparation and defence, and acted as party representative in over 25 construction adjudications
  • Listed Expert with the Dubai International Arbitration Centre, panel arbitrator with various international arbitral organisations, accredited construction adjudicator and expert determiner
  • Included on the FIDIC President’s List of Approved Dispute Adjudicators, and has served on a number of international dispute adjudication boards
  • Appointed as quantum expert in arbitrations in the UK, Eastern Europe and India
  • Regularly tutors on construction claims, and has recently undertaken successful workshops in Abu Dhabi,South Africa,Tanzania and Ghana




  • FIDIC争端裁决主席团成员,担任多家国际争端裁决委员会委员
  • 来自英国的极具经验的建筑行业专家,专注于国际土木工程争端和异议的避免和解决方案
  • 执业工程造价师约40年,在FIDIC,NEC和ICE合同条件领域有特殊专长
  • 担任了无数个合同索赔的准备和辩护案例的主要顾问,以及超过25个建筑索赔裁决的代表
  • 迪拜国际仲裁中心的专家,多个国际仲裁组织的仲裁员,认证建筑裁决员


  • 特许仲裁员
  • 特许公路和运输协会会员
  • 建筑法协会会员
  • 纠纷局联合会(日内瓦)的企业会员
  • 争议解决委员基金会(美国)成员
  • 咨询与工程协会(ACE)会员


  • 认可施工审裁官
  • 委员会仲裁员
  • 包括在批准纠纷审裁FIDIC主席名单
  • 认可专家决议员
  • 美国佩珀代因大学国际商业仲裁文凭
  • 英国克罗伊登设计和技术学院工程造价师文凭


  • 伦敦国际仲裁法院(LCIA)
  • 开罗国际商务区域仲裁中心(CRCICA)
  • 丹麦仲裁院
  • 维尔纽斯国际商务仲裁法院(VCCA)
  • 毛里求斯仲裁庭(MCCI)


  • 道路
  • 桥梁
  • 基础设施
  • 水/污水处理厂
  • 公用事业工程
  • 海洋工程
  • 环境工程
  • 钢筋混凝土结构
  • 地铁轻轨
  • 机场
  • 天然气终端
  • 石油天然气管道
  • 海防工程
  • 桩基及地下结构
  • 隧道
  • 土方工程

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com

Telephone: +65 6557 9167

Twitter: @NeoedgeSG

Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Contract Administrators
  • Legal Advisors
  • Professionals from government ministries and agencies
  • Private sector employers
  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Contract Managers
  • Lawyers
  • Commercial Managers
  • Claims Consultants
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Financing professionals from Funding Agencies
  • Arbitrators

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com

Telephone: +65 6557 9167

Twitter: @NeoedgeSG

Why You Should Attend this Course

  • Enhance contract administration skills in preparing, analysing, defending and managing claims to ensure successful project delivery;
  • Identify various types of claim and recognise claim situations;
  • Learn ways of avoiding or minimising claims at pre and post-contract stages;
  • Understand contractual rights and obligations of the Parties and the Engineer;
  • Develop a clear understanding of cause, effect and entitlement;
  • Practical and detailed knowledge of commonly used techniques for delay analysis, disruption, concurrent delays and prolongation costs;
  • Determine critical and non-critical delay, and recognise the importance of programmes;
  • Effectively present and quantify time related claims and additional payment claims;
  • Detailed understanding of what is needed for a successful claim or response;
  • Fully understand the contractual procedures for claims under FIDIC;
  • A sound understanding of the relationship between various contract clauses, and how different wording in various contracts affects entitlement to time and money;
  • Confidence in administering contractual claims whether representing Employers, Contractors or Consulting Engineers.
  • In-depth knowledge of the procedures and operations of a Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB);

Delegates will be provided with the following materials:

  • Copy of PowerPoint slides to be used during the course
  • Work Exercises (Answers will be provided at the end of the course)
  • Comprehensive supplementary notes as a post-course reference


  • 提升 与索赔准备,分析,辩护和管理等方面相关的合同经营技巧,以确保项目成功交付;
  • 辨别 索赔的各种不同类型和不同情况;
  • 学习 如何在合同前期和后期避免或减少索赔;
  • 了解 合同各方以及工程师的权利和义务;
  • 培养 对起因,影响和权利的清楚认识;
  • 掌握 关于延迟分析,中断,并发延迟和延期费用的常用技巧的实用和详细方法;
  • 确定 关键延迟和非关键延迟;
  • 有效地 提呈和量化和时间相关的索赔以及额外支付赔款;
  • 深入 学习一个成功的索赔或辩护必须具备什么;
  • 充分 了解FIDIC索赔的合同程序;
  • 扎实 地理解不同合同条款之间的关系,以及在不同的合同中不同的措辞是如何影响时间和金钱的所有权;
  • 培养自信,不管你是代表业主,承包商或咨询工程师;
  • 深入了解 争端裁决委员会的运作,以及裁决后如何跟进




For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com

Telephone: +65 6557 9167

Twitter: @NeoedgeSG

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