Risk Management, Internal Control and Internal Audit

3 - 5 April 2017

Risk Management, Internal Control and Internal Audit

Understand the key factors for effective risk management with integration of internal control and internal audit best practice

About the Market
Whether it be planning for strategic shocks such as the financial crisis, or the UK’s exit from the EU, or management of day to day operational risks, prevention of fraud and efficient use of resources, organisations need to have an effective risk management process and internal audit function in place.

In the private sector, corporate entities are increasingly putting in place enterprise risk management frameworks to derive benefits from a more systematic approach or for compliance reasons such as SOX for those entities with securities listed in the US. In the public and not-for-profit sectors, organisations are coming under increasing pressures to reduce costs and improve accountability and performance.

In all cases, effective risk management and coordination with a strong internal audit function are critical to success and survival.

About this Premier Course
This three-day course addresses key factors of risk management, internal control and internal audit, drawing upon international best practices. It covers Enterprise Risk Management, integration of risk management with internal control and internal audit best practices. This course is suitable to corporate, public and not-for-profit entities.

The course looks into the key elements of a successful integrated risk management approach by reviewing best practices in risk management and internal audit, from the adoption of enterprise risk management to the implementation of standards issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) in the day-to-day operation of the internal audit.

Topics covered include why use enterprise risk management, approaches to enterprise risk management, outlining the requirements of SOX, the IIA standards to be implemented as best practice; managing the internal audit function, risk assessment and evaluation of internal controls design and testing their operating effectiveness.

The course looks at the nature of documentation required when conducting Internal Audit assignments, elements to be included in the working papers and how findings are reflected in the audit report. The course also examines how to structure the Internal Audit Department.

Prior experience in a risk management or internal audit function will be helpful but is not essential.

Course Level

Ably Led by

Alan Mayo, Director, Maltway Ltd, UK

  • FCA Chartered accountant from the UK
  • Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors
  • Thirty years of successful professional experience in accounting, audit, risk and performance management sector
  • Worked as external auditor at PwC London and Paris for 10 years

Co-founded the client training business of PwC London
Has worked on a wide range of financial training projects on risk and audit

Telephone: +65 6557 9167

Twitter: @NeoedgeSG

This 3-day course will be held in a highly interactive workshop format with real-world samples, documents, case studies and exercises.

Day 1

Risk management
Case study: review of risk policy
Internal control framework
Establishing a Risk Management Framework
Risk assessment and response
Case study: assessing strategic and operational risks
Risk treatment and internal controls
Case study: identifying suitable controls

Day 2

Operationalising risk management
Case study: creating and using risk registers
Internal audit
Creating internal audit function
Case study: developing audit committee reports
Code of ethics
IIA Standards
Case study: developing an internal audit charter
Performance standards
Case study: prioritizing audit engagements

Day 3

Types of Internal Audit Services
Engagement planning; practical application
Engagement procedures; practical application
Case study: developing detailed audit procedures
Working papers and reporting
Case study: preparing audit reports
Case study: review of a quality audit improvement plan
Wrap up of 3-day course

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com

Telephone: +65 6557 9167

Twitter: @NeoedgeSG

About Your Expert Trainer

Alan Mayo FCA is a chartered accountant from the UK and a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors with 30 years’ professional experience.

Alan began his career with PwC where he spent 10 years conducting and managing external audits in the private sector. He then spent a further 10 years as a consultant with PwC leading training programs supporting major systems and process change, predominantly in the public sector.

On leaving PwC Alan formed his own training business which he has been running for the past 15 years. During that time he has worked on a wide range of financial training projects within the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Alan has conducted training courses worldwide covering aspects of risk management, internal control, operational and financial control, countering risk of fraud, financial reporting and audit for numerous organisations including Shell and Government Agencies such as London Boroughs of Lambeth and Ealing Council etc.


“Alan’s training is a big help in identifying the issues to focus on for the coming year”

“Clear linkage between risk and control”

“A well-organized training. Alan is a good teacher who presents in-depth materials and concrete examples with easy to understand English for full understanding of what was being presented”

“Thought provoking & helpful”

“Very informative and focused on controls”

“Good discussions & real life examples”

“Useful short punchy presentations”

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com

Telephone: +65 6557 9167

Twitter: @NeoedgeSG

Attendees include but not limited to:

  • Managers with responsibility for setting up risk management functions in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors
  • Risk managers operating in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors
  • Internal auditors operating in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors
  • Managers of teams who want to know what to expect from an internal audit visit
  • Qualified Internal Auditors and risk managers who need a refresher or upgrade course
  • Those returning to working in risk management or internal audit
  • Personnel who need a better understanding on risk management and the internal audit role

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com

Telephone: +65 6557 9167

Twitter: @NeoedgeSG

Upon completion of this course, you will gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding on:

  • What are the benefits of a coordinated, systematic approach to risk management?
  • What is enterprise risk management and is it appropriate to my organisation?
  • How should risk management be devolved through the organisation?
  • Why is risk management so difficult to embed successfully?
  • How to structure the relationship between operational risk managers, the risk management function and internal audit?
  • How does the internal audit department add values to the organization?
  • Why do some internal audit departments fail to deliver effective assurance?
  • How is internal audit effectiveness measured – objectively and subjectively?
  • What are the key standards for internal audit?

All participants receive a comprehensive binder containing copies of the presentation slides, handouts and other course materials

Teaching Method

  • Live group instruction in a workshop format
  • Extensive use of real-world samples, documents, case studies and exercises
  • High level of attention to individual participants
  • Interactive participation is encouraged
  • Review the main IIA Standards and understand the principles

Pre-course Questionnaire
A pre-course questionnaire will be sent to you upon your registration which will allows you to raise your specific areas of interest. The trainer will review and analyze these in advance and address them during the workshops, seeking to fully satisfy your learning needs.

Certificate of Attendance
Upon the successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance bearing the signatures from both the Trainer and the Organizer. This Certificate will testify your endeavour and serve towards your professional advancement.

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com

Telephone: +65 6557 9167

Twitter: @NeoedgeSG

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