About Executive Learning Tour

Since independence in 1965, Singapore has transformed from a small third world country to a modernized city-state, a financial and trading center in Asia.

Singapore’s successful development and modernization story offers valuable experiences and expertise in a wide range of subjects: public governance, urban planning, oil & gas industrial development, land transport, port management, civil aviation and so on.

To tap into the strengths Singapore enjoys, Neoedge has launched the Executive Learning Tour (ELT)—a premium training program conducted in Singapore, designed for professionals in both public and private sectors all around the world.

Featuring the best practices and insights into Singapore’s development strategies, ELT is an integrated learning approach, through a mix of in-class learning and field visits:

  • Self-study phase
  • Seminars
  • Open discussion
  • Group exercise
  • Case studies
  • Site tours
  • Study visits
  • Continued learning

Self-study materials will be sent to participants two weeks before the program starts to give a better background knowledge and ensure the quality of this course. Apart from formal lecturing, activities include selected case studies based on participants’ home cities, open discussions, group work. Site tours will be arranged to get a first-hand experience at Singapore’s practices on urban planning and its successes in numerous projects. Additionally, study visits to relevant companies and government agencies will be organized for delegates to share expertise and network with Singapore peers and counterparts. As a sequel to the course, a mentoring program is available to interested participants, during which an expert will be assigned to a participant or a group of participants for advice and guidance as they work on their projects.  Alumni Network will be established to help participants stay connected with one another.)

Informative, interactive and experiential—ELT is expected to provide participants with in-depth understanding and first-hand experiences in the respective fields, as well as networking opportunities through study visits and Alumni Network.

Why You Should Attend

  • best practices and insights into Singapore’s development policies and strategies
  • interactive courses featuring highly selective topics, case studies and group discussions
  • site tours to get a first-hand experience at Singapore’s successful experiences and practices
  • study visits to relevant government agencies and companies
  • networking and peer learning with experts and participants

Details on each ELT program are customizable according to your learning needs.


Interested to find out more? Please contact:

Rueburn Liang
Marketing Manager – Executive Learning Tour 
Neoedge Pte Ltd
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