Rueburn Liang

I have been a Neoedger for almost 2 years and have enjoyed working with everyone in the company. Everyone is friendly and is willing to provide guidance to one another. I do not see everyone in the office as colleagues, but more as friends enjoying what we do everyday making a difference.

Almost immediately when I start to work in the marketing department, with nothing much more than a phone and a computer with internet, I was left to design and strategise my marketing campaigns for various projects. Having said that, this allows me to be creative and to think ‘out of the box’ for various ways to promote our events.

I had the opportunity to travel to London and the Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago) to learn, network with top level executives and at the same time, to have fun, and the best part – its company sponsored! Imagine if it is South Korea, Japan or even Bali!

To cut it short, I was fortunate to be part of Neoedge where they do focus on my personal and professional development. I look forward to work everyday where it is never a boring day when your colleagues are a bunch of jokers, but serious and competent when it comes to work. Monday blues will never be an issue here in NEOEDGE!


Khine Tharaphe Din

I first came to Neoedge a year and a half ago as a fresh graduate unsure of what “work” will entail. My expectation was a typical 9 to 6 dull desk job but Neoedge proved me wrong within the first few weeks.

How do you define a fulfilling job? For me, it’s all about having a truly enjoyable work experience while being able to travel to locations worldwide and maximize my own potential at the same time. And Neoedge provides just that. Furthermore, Neoedge prepares us to be confident socialites who are extremely competitive in pursuing desired results without crossing the fine line. Neoedge makes this happen by granting us the opportunities to work closely with top executives from global industries and expand our professional network.

I’ve always dreamt of working at a place where I am valued and feel at home. And I’ve found that place here…… at Neoedge.

Simply put, if you have the slightest desire of being the best and making the most of your qualities, this is the place for you.

And welcome home!


Claire Li

I am a Neoedger for eight months and I am proud to say that accepting the offer letter is something I never regret!

Here at Neoedge, I meet people who are smart, interesting and extremely friendly. Since I joined the company as a sales newbie, I have been rotated under three different managers over four different projects – such rotations are common and they provide great opportunities to learn from different people. Also, there is little barrier between the top management and us. Policies are transparent, and our voices and well-beings are very much valued.

For me, nothing is more important than the motivation to grow and the joy I could gain from work. Neoedge has proved me both. Besides the support I get from colleagues, the company provides the freedom and internal mobility for us to pursue what we want to achieve. There are also multiple bonding events organized every year, in addition to an annual charity trip to an orphanage in Batam, Indonesia. Through these events, Neoedgers become a close family and we share the joy of giving back to the society.

Over the past eight months, I have grown a lot, and I look forward to achieving more. There are opportunities to travel around the world, managing professional events independently and networking with senior executives from all spectrums of industries…etc. If you feel excited about the above like me, we are more than glad to welcome you as the next Neoedger!


Chloe San Jose – Espinoza

Being part of Neoedge is something that came as a surprise to me, but it is one of those impulsive decisions that I will never regret.

This company has provided me with unveiling opportunities to improve my skills, to travel and of course, to earn! My most unforgettable experience with Neoedge was when they sent me to Brazil. It was the longest flight that I ever took and I cannot believe that I have been on the other side of the world for free!

In a high turnover industry like events, I am proud to say that I have finally found a company that actually cares for their employees. I’ve been with Neoedge for almost 2 years and it has now become my second home.


Albert Sudirgo

My journey in Neoedge has been a really fantastic one! This is where I can unleash every ounce of my potential to get full exposure and business experience from people in Houston all the way to New Zealand.
I believe that sales is the best career for those who have the strongest desire for success, because it is only by doing sales that you can determine your own pay check and income, without any limit to it.

Initially I felt it was really challenging to be a good salesperson but I worked very hard and persisted. Looking back at things now, I felt that all of it is really worth it not only the monetary benefits have I gotten but also more importantly the improvement in Emotional Quotient and character development. Now that is killing three BIG birds with one stone.

I have always regarded Neoedge as my second family because this is where I have been receiving overwhelming support, joy and appreciation, and in Neoedge working doesn’t feel blue and like an obligation.

If you are excited and somehow agree with what I have mentioned, then I will strongly urge you to join us in the Neoedge family to be our sales superstar!


Elbee Lim

For the past three years, being part of Neoedge has been enlightening and life changing. Experiencing the immense growth of Neoedge over the years has always inspired me to stretch my limits and take risks and I am proud to intimately witness the success of Neoedge.

As Sales Manager, I get to empower new staff through relentless coaching, sharing of critical knowledge and developing necessary skill sets. The nurturing not only helps my team mates to grow, but also allows me to discover and polish my own inner strength. My greatest joy and pride is to see my new team mates developing from scratch and blossom into professionals who are able to manage events independently and skilfully. Taking the leap of faith and venture into the adventure that is Neoedge is something I have always cherished and looking forward to every single day.


Steven Aung

In essence, my Neoedge career is about challenging myself and fulfilling my aspirations. Supported by a well-structured career-path and progressive incentive structure, I only need to focus on stretching my limits and I will be duly rewarded. The management also has well-thought additional incentives planned for staffs which continually serves to motivate and inspire.

Symbolized with an open office setting, everyone is given the opportunity to voice out their opinions and provide suggestions to improve our organization. The fun and friendly atmosphere naturally inculcates a cheerful family-oriented and supportive culture. Stepping into the office gives me a unique warm family-feel similar to a meeting with close friends and family.

My Neoedge experience has given me immense confidence continually boosted by the sense of achievement every time I achieved my goals. Personal development is continually honed with on the job training and new projects allowing me to overcome my weaknesses and discovering my strengths.

I gained global exposure with exciting travels to several continents to run events and network with C-level executives within my first year. Many of these executives have since become my friends making me well-connected with global professionals.

Thanks to Neoedge, I am well prepared to further challenge myself.


Maria Aquino

Neoedge has contributed a lot to the person that I am now. I never thought that I would be exposed to different opportunities and be given extraordinary responsibilities that I thought I can never do if not for this company.

I have two experiences that top my list. One of which was my trip to Johannesburg, South Africa. I managed two successful events and was able to make good friendships with most of the delegates there. Handling those events and going to a foreign country alone was such a challenging experience for me since it’s my first time to represent the company in a continent I’ve never been to. It turned out to be great and everything was remarkable including my mini-tour of the country.

Next was our CSR in an orphanage in Batam, Indonesia. I was one of the organizers and also one of the facilitators who taught basic lessons to the less fortunate kids there who were very eager to learn. Giving an effort to these happy kids was such a fulfilling feeling because I know that in our own little way, we were able to leave a good feeling to these kids – the feeling of important and being loved.

Being in this company will not lead you to places but also groom you to become a successful sales person and a noble individual. With the right amount of hard work, patience and confidence, your goals in and with the company will immediately be achieved because the management will help you do so.

You think getting 3 promotions in 1 year is impossible? I think not, because I had it… only with Neoedge!


Yohny Trinto

I have always enjoyed the working environment in the company where office politic is an extraterrestrial, the supportive management who listen to your suggestions and implement necessary changes, the excellent colleagues who provide you with valuable advices and moral supports all the time, and the opportunities promised that you will reap if you perform well in your position.

If you are looking for a second place you could call home, I and the rest will be happy to welcome you in our big Neoedge family!