3rd Annual Africa Gas & LNG Summit 2012

Maputo, Mozambique,
Main Conference 04 - 05 September 2012,
Pre-conference Workshop 03 September 2012,
Post-conference Workshop 06 September 2012

3rd Annual Africa Gas & LNG Summit 2012

“Keeping pace with the growing economies in Africa as well as opportunities for investments, developments, expansions and growth – An up-to-date analysis”

Neoedge is proud to announce the return of AFRICA GAS & LNG SUMMIT for the year 2012. This summit comes after a successful roll out of Neoedge’s premier event in the year 2010 and has been running annually ever since. This year’s summit will feature expert speakers from the African and global gas & LNG market, exploring in-depth insights of the growing economies in Africa as well as analysis of the best strategies, practices, opportunities, techniques and innovation to get you ahead of the pack! This summit will also serve as a platform for all national, international and independent companies to network and share business ideas and experiences.

What you can expect from the 3rd Africa Gas & LNG Summit 2012:

  • Stand Alone Case Presentations by Key Experts in the Gas & LNG Industry
  • Open Q & A portions
  • Interactive Panel Discussions – Key Themes
  • Pre and Post Conference Workshops on the 3rd and 6th September 2012
  • Networking platform for Regional and International Gas & LNG Players
  • Exhibition Area
  • Cocktail Networking Reception
  • Lucky Draw and Champagne Round Table
  • Awards for Best Speaker, Best Delegate & Chairperson

Past Attendees to Neoedge’s 2nd Annual Africa Gas & LNG Summit includes:

  • Angola LNG Limited
  • Couto, Grace & Associate Law Firm
  • Eduardo Mondlane University
  • Electricity Company of Ghana
  • Electricity Control Board (Namibia)
  • Eskom
  • Eskom Holdings SOC Limited
  • Luke & Associates
  • National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (Pty) Ltd
  • Orbital & Oranges Nigeria Limited
  • Petromoc, SA
  • Power Holding Company of Nigeria Plc
  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers
  • Societe Nationale D’Electricite
  • Sumitomo Corporation
  • Vale Mozambique
  • Volta River Authority
  • Absa Capital
  • Ayedan Global
  • DelArz Projects Pty Ltd
  • Afromead
  • Department of Energy
  • Equity Bank Limited
  • Fundo Fomento A Pequena Industria
  • Industrial Development Corporation
  • Ministere des Hydrocarbures
  • Ministry of Energy
  • Parliament of South Africa
  • Petroleum Agency SA
  • Sal & Caldeira Advogados Limitada
  • Sasol Infrachem
  • Sasol New Energy Holdings
  • SGS Emoyeni Qualitest (Proprietary) Limited
  • Shell Markets (M.E.) Ltd
  • University of Western Cape
  • Webber Wentzel
  • Deloitte Consulting (Pty) Ltd
  • Statoil Oil & Gas Mozambique

Live interviews by CNBC Africa for selected speakers and delegates of 2nd Annual Africa Gas & LNG Summit 2011 which was held in Johannesburg in July 2011.

Mr Soji Awogbade, Aelex on Regional Roundup, CNBC Africa

Mr Kofi Ellis, Volta River Authority on Beyond Markets, CNBC Africa

Mr Sandeep Kohli, International Finance Corporation on Regional Roundup, CNBC Africa

Key Themes and Topics:

  • Emerging trends and markets in Africa and its opportunities
  • East Africa potentials, developments, projects and trade
  • Foreseeing and anticipating the future of gas & LNG trade movements with external elements – natural disasters, political unrest, economic changes and financial crisis
  • Bridging civil responsibility through education, employment and domestic economy contributions.
  • Overcoming manpower issues through effective planning and management of local authorities thus lowering unemployment rate
  • Large scale gas developments with exports of LNG to regional, international market and domestic consumptions for power generation
  • Balancing socio-economic and political factors for gas & LNG development and trade
  • Effective cross border trading with Asia as the primary buyer of gas & LNG and securing long-term contracts to help cushion price volatility and security of energy supply
  • Mitigation of Forex and commodity risk for cross border trading
  • Identifying new transport and infrastructure solutions to the global gas & LNG demands
  • Strategies in dealing with complications relating to spot and short term trading
  • Best method for evaluating new opportunities for sustainable investments and financing as well as government role in encouraging this growth
  • Insurance, taxation and risk management for main investors in the gas & LNG sector
  • Monetizing and commercializing stranded gas through small to mid scale LNG plants
  • Potential developments of offshore production facilities
  • Best practices for LNG design and processes of LNG terminals – a case study
  • Identifying the key commercial issues and solutions of downstream LNG
  • Possibilities of LNG as a dominant fuel source for merchant ships
  • Life-cycle greenhouse gas analysis of LNG & Global Gas Flaring Reduction
  • Role of HSE in ensuring the safety and performance of LNG activities
  • Developing innovative techniques to improve gas recovery
  • Examining patterns of oil pricing and its effects to global gas & LNG pricing today – will oil price decouple from gas price?
  • Importance of strategic partnership in the growth and success of projects; successful partnership build up for long term mutual benefit
  • Best techniques for contracts negotiation – sales, purchase, concession, joint operating, storage & transportation agreements
  • New technology breakthroughs that you can leverage for your business advantage
  • Examining the impact of shale gas & unconventional gas to the global trade movements of gas & LNG
  • Gas to Liquid (GTL) versus LNG


Some of the confirmed key speakers at the summit include:

  • His Excellency Dr Salvador Namburete, Minister of Energy, Ministry of Energy, Mozambique
  • Arsenio Mabote, Chairman, National Institute of Petroleum (INP), Mozambique
  • Dr Thabo Kgogo, Vice-President for Operations, PetroSA, South Africa
  • John W Peffer, Managing Director and Country Manager, Anadarko Petroleum, Mozambique
  • Eng. Khaled Abubakr, Chief Executive Officer, TAQA Arabia, Egypt & Regional Coordinator for Africa & Middle East, International Gas Union (IGU)
  • Carlos Martins Andrade, Director, GALP Energia, Portugal
  • Salvator Ntomola, Country Manager, Wentworth Resources Limited, Tanzania
  • Dr Joseph Essandoh-Yeddu, Head of Planning & Policy, Energy Commission, Ghana
  • Carsten Moehlen, LNG Sales Manager, Siemens Energy AG, Germany
  • Lance Crist, Global Head of Oil & Gas Investments, International Finance Corporation, USA
  • Paul Eardley-Taylor, Oil & Gas Coverage, SA & Southern Africa, Standard Bank, South Africa
  • Fred Kibodya, Managing Partner, NOFU Communications Limited, Tanzania (former Corporate Affairs Manager of BP Tanzania Ltd & Commercial and External Relations Manager for PanAfrican Energy)
  • Victor Lledo, Resident Representative to Mozambique, International Monetary Fund, Mozambique
  • Ricardo Pires, Business Unit Head Natural Resources, Aon Mozambique
  • Roland Fisher, Chief Executive Officer, Gasfin Developments, United Kingdom
  • Niall Trimble, Managing Director, The Energy Contract Company, United Kingdom
  • Pedro Couto, Managing Partner, Couto, Graça & Associados, Mozambique
  • Senior Representative, Ernst & Young Limitada, Mozambique
  • David Haynes, Principal LNG Consultant, GL Noble Denton, United Kingdom
  • Clive Ferreira, Director, Fieldstone


Summit Key Note Speaker for Day One, 04 September 2012

His Excellency Dr Salvador Namburete

Minister of Energy
Ministry of Energy of Mozambique

Pre-Conference Workshop on 03 September 2012

“Upstream to LNG – An Overview of the Technology & Development Issues”
Led by Leading LNG Trainer and Practitioner:

David Haynes
Principal LNG Consultant, GL Noble Denton, UK
LNG Process Engineer, BG Asia (former)

Post-Conference Workshop on 06 September 2012

“LNG: Meeting The Energy Challenge”
Led by Leading LNG Trainer and Practitioner:

Malcolm Johnson
Director, eMJay LNG Limited, UK
Strategy and Planning Manager – Natural Gas Business, Shell UK and Germany (former)

For the full agenda, please email us your detail contact information to enquiry@neo-edge.com. Please indicate subject title “3rd Annual Africa Gas & LNG Summit 2012″.

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Summit Key Note Speaker for Day One, 04 September 2012

His Excellency Dr Salvador Namburete

Minister of Energy
Ministry of Energy of Mozambique

Some of the confirmed key speakers at the summit include:

  • Ministry of Energy, Mozambique
  • National Institute of Petroleum (INP), Mozambique
  • PetroSA, South Africa
  • Anadarko Petroleum, Mozambique
  • Fieldstone
  • TAQA Arabia, Egypt
  • GALP Energia, Portugal
  • Wentworth Resources Limited, Tanzania
  • Energy Commission, Ghana
  • Siemens Energy, Germany
  • International Finance Corporation, USA
  • Ernst & Young Limitada, Mozambique
  • NOFU Communications Limited, Tanzania
  • International Monetary Fund, Mozambique
  • Aon Mozambique
  • Gasfin Developments, United Kingdom
  • The Energy Contract Company, United Kingdom
  • GL Noble Denton, United Kingdom
  • Standard Bank, South Africa
  • Couto, Graça & Associados, Mozambique


Participate to Innovate – If you have what it takes to share and explore new frontiers in the African gas and LNG sector, we are inviting you to participate in the 3rd Annual Africa Gas & LNG Summit 2012 Call for Papers.


We are calling interested speakers as well as expert panelists to submit their paper proposal in relevant areas / topics in the gas & LNG field. We are seeking limited speakers with special emphasis to established and emerging gas & LNG buyers and sellers in Africa and the global arena. We also welcome speakers from NOC, IOC, Independent E & P, Government Bodies, Power Generation / Utilities Companies and selected Service Companies. Interested speakers and expert panelists can submit their paper proposals in relevant areas / topics in the gas & LNG field in the following format:


Topic Title:
3-5 Bullets of Major Points:
Abstract of Presentation:
Photo & Bio of the Speaker:
(Presentations should be deliverable in 30 minutes)

Abstracts or Workshop Proposals should include name, company address, direct telephone numbers as well as e-mail address of the contact author. Please note only shortlisted proposals shall be notified via email.

Please send it to:
Rekha Kaur
Conference Manager
Tel: +65 6557 9207
Main: +65 6557 9166
Fax: +65 6557 9188
Email: rekha@neo-edge.com


Rilla Eas
Marketing Manager
Tel: +65 6557 9183
Main: +65 6557 9166
Fax: +65 6557 9188
Email: rilla.eas@neo-edge.com

President, Managing Director, Director, General Manager, Manager, Chief Financial Officers and Head of

  • Government Officials
  • Operations
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Planning & Business Unit
  • Project Development & Engineering
  • Buyers, Sellers & Distributors
  • Finance & Investment Officers
  • Technology Officers
  • Partners & Investors
  • Legal Department
  • Price Analyst
  • Research & Development Department
  • Risk Analyst
  • Commercial Department
  • Production / Plant / Equipment
  • Arbitrators
  • Contractors
  • Safety & Security
  • Traders and Trade Organizations
  • Service Companies


From various industries and sectors including

  • Government Bodies & Regulatory Bodies
  • National Oil Corporation
  • International Oil Corporation
  • Independent Exploratioin & Production Companies
  • Energy Consulting Firms
  • Power Generations Company / Utilities Companies
  • Consultants, Research Firms, Law Firm and Academics
  • Logistic, Transportation & Infrastructure Companies
  • Service Companies


Learn from expert practitioners and high profile delegates in the African gas & LNG market today!

NEOEDGE is proud to announce its 3rd ANNUAL AFRICA GAS & LNG SUMMIT 2012 on the 04 & 05 September 2012 in Maputo, Mozambique. We will be exploring in-depth insights of major domestic and international markets addressing the best strategies, approaches, techniques, innovations as well as the current and future market of gas & LNG in the recent economic, social, environmental and political conditions. This summit will also serve as a platform for all national, international and independent companies to network and share business ideas and experiences.

Recognizing such emerging business potentials and pressing challenges, the Africa Gas & LNG Summit 2012, carefully researched and organized by Neoedge in Singapore, will provide all international and local companies an in-time and efficient platform of learning, networking and partnership building for your corporate advantage in the increasingly vibrant and fierce market.



Neoedge workshops are detailed, properly articulated, well delivered in locations of good ambience. Recommended for industry experts
- General Manager, Power Holding Company of Nigeria

Neoedge is a well organized training institution
- Finance Manager, Electricity Company of Ghana

The pre-workshop provided in-depth insight and discussion on issues that affect LNG or Gas Contracts & Agreements on a daily basis
- Economist, Electricity Company of Ghana

A programme that should be attended by everyone interested in understanding contract negotiations
- Principal Manager IPP, Power Holding Company of Nigeria


Neoedge organize great speakers in which all speakers performed great research. Neoedge’s choices of locating the seminar are adequate and easily available
Director of Coal & Gas Policy, Department of Energy

The LNG/Gas Summit provided an excellent platform for stakeholders in the energy industry to share information and engage dialogues
Economist, ECB Namibia

Event was educational and well organised
Gas to Power Coordinator, Power Holding Company of Nigeria

The conference was successfully organized to the point that we will attend next year’s conference (2012)

Neoedge’s 2nd Annual Africa Gas & LNG Summit 2011 has provided me with an insight into LNG and its vast potential for power generation in Africa
Divisional Manager for Special Developments, Electricity Company of Ghana

It was a very valuable opportunity to exchange experiences and improve skills regarding LNG and related matters
Senior Associate, Sal & Caldeira Advocados, Mozambique

Neoedge has invested in the future
Head of Corporate Banking, Equity Bank, Kenya

Neoedge confirms their communication networking and communication skills during the organization of the conference
Divisional Manager, Electricity Company of Ghana

Neoedge is an event organizing firm that brings together various experts to deliver a seminar hat satisfies to a large expectation of participants
Divisional Manager for Contracts and Way Leaves, Electricity Company of Ghana


Neoedge puts together various experts that delivers thought-provoking seminar/conference
Divisional Manager for Contracts and Way Leaves, Electricity Company of Ghana

A company that really fulfils its communication, networking and innovation throughout the conference
- Divisional Manager, Electricity Company of Ghana

Quite well rounded summit – covers the current issues
Senior Advisor, ESKOM South Africa

This is an excellent refreshing workshop at the end of the main-conference. A lot of issues got to be adversed
Economist, ECB Namibia

The conference was successfully organized in terms of presenters and presentation, even meals


Neoedge provided highly educational and beneficial seminars on topics presented
Divisional Manager IPP, Power Holding Company of Nigeria

Well planned and executed workshop
Gas to Power Coordinator, Power Holding Company of Nigeria

Neoedge’s organization of the 2nd Annual Africa Gas & LNG Summit 2011 has been excellent!
Finance Manager, Electricity Company of Ghana

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The 3rd Annual Africa Gas & LNG Summit 2012 is a high profile conference designed for government officials, global and local directors and senior executives, professionals, thought leaders and innovators from the gas & LNG sector to convene for business discussions, sharing experiences, exchanging ideas and establishing new relationships. Sponsors are provided with an opportunity to capitalize on this global event to send their message across their target audience, to reinforce brand visibility and thought leadership and demonstrate expert solutions.

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Ministry of Energy of Mozambique

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This event will be held at Polana Serena Hotel in Maputo, Mozambique from the 03 to 06 September 2012.

Polana Serena Hotel
Av. Julius Nyerere 1380
P.O Box 1151, Maputo, Mozambique
Nelsia Ussivane
Banqueting Coordinator
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Event Name: 3rd Annual Africa Gas & LNG Summit

Venue: Maputo, Mozambique

Dates: 03 – 06 September 2012

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