Global Procurement Fraud Master Class Tour 2014 (SINGAPORE)

Hotel Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay,
29-31 October 2014

Global Procurement Fraud Master Class Tour 2014 (SINGAPORE)

Globally, procurement fraud is under recognized as a risk.

Procurement fraud is a risk for all organisations that carry out any form of procurement activity. In reality that applies to virtually every organisation globally, on a daily basis. The published risks to both the public and private sectors are immense and the losses are well documented.

All organizations carry out some form of procurement and if there is fraud occurring, this can have a significant immediate and long term impact on your organization.

Procurement fraud and corruption are linked activities. After all, is someone commits bribery, more often than not, they are paying a bribe to regain, retain or obtain and unfair business advantage. This is typically a contract and the contract award falls within the procurement process.

Many organisations now have some form of anti-bribery and corruption strategies and guidance and yet no anti-procurement fraud strategy. This is potentially a high risk area as many organisations carry out hundreds if not thousands of procurement transactions per year.

So why is procurement fraud not an organizational priority?

Can your organization afford to write of fraud losses during tough global economic times?

CIPS are recognized as the global lead in relation to providing procurement fraud training and advisory. (See our testimonial section) .They have been advising governments and large international organizations globally in both the public and private sector,

This course offers you a combination of trainer led presentations in a combination with practical based workshops. We guarantee there will be no time for sleeping or for you to get bored during endless slide presentations.

We won’t provide you with the tick box approach or a notional tool box.

We will provide you with clear policies and procedures that you can implement into your organization on your return to work.

We will also provide you with a desk top aide memoire to remind you on the information you have learnt after the course.


CIPS is the leading independent global body representing the procurement and supply profession. CIPS has a global community of almost 100,000 in 150 different countries, including senior business people, high-ranking civil servants and leading academics.

Procurement and supply management lies at the heart of business operations and impacts organisational health. CIPS offers a ‘one-stop shop’ for procurement and supply excellence in people, processes and performance. Organisations that employ CIPS qualified people, who also undertake Continuing Professional Development, can be confident that they have the necessary skills to manage supply chains effectively.

CIPS benchmark qualifications are regarded as the global standard and are designated by the letters MCIPS. www.cips.org

* This is a CIPS Certified event. Delegates get a total of 21 CPD points (7 CPD points per day).


Eugene Azucena – Senior Marketing Manager
+65 6557 9185; eugene@neo-edge.com

Upon the completion of this course, you will get a CIPS certificate to show successful completion.

For existing CIPS members, 7 CPD points will be awarded per day of training.

It is impossible to say you are going to stop procurement fraud but if we focus on reducing the opportunities for it to occur and increase the possibilities of the fraudsters being caught this will without doubt have an impact.

CIPS have delivered anti-procurement fraud training and advisory across global market sectors.

They have identified some global themes in relation to procurement fraud. They have found that:

  • There is no clear definition of procurement globally
  • There is often a lack of board Lack importance in relation to procurement fraud
  • Many organisations do not have procurement fraud training programmes for their staff
  • There is a lack of procurement fraud risk mitigation in organisations and especially in projects
  • Often organisations do not have a central point of procurement fraud intelligence
  • There is no clear definition of procurement fraud
  • Often organisations do not have any clear documented guidance on procurement fraud mitigation

The question is: Does your organisation have a procurement fraud strategy covering identification of risk, prevention, detection and investigation? If not don’t worry. By the end of this course, you will have the information to go back to your organisation and write one.

Does your organisation have procurement fraud occurring you don’t know about?

If you are interested to attend, please request for the FULL AGENDA:

Eugene Azucena – Senior Marketing Manager
+65 6557 9185

Rob McCusker, Director – Centre for Fraud and Financial Crime and Reader in Fraud and Financial Crime within Teesside University Business School. Rob is also the Corruption Advisor for CIPS.

He was formerly the Transnational Crime Analyst for the Australian Institute of Criminology, Australia’s leading statutorily created crime research body which falls within the Minister for Justice’s portfolio. Rob has worked with a number of government and law enforcement agencies, including the Australian Crime Commission, the Specialist Crime Directorate of the Metropolitan Police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the US State Department and private sector organisations, including the Australian Bankers’ Association, the Association of British Insurers and PwC, on a range of transnational crime issues. Rob was a designated ‘expert’ in economic crime and money laundering at both the 2005 and 2010 United Nations Congresses on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.

Request for the FULL AGENDA:
Eugene AzucenaSenior Marketing Manager
+65 6557 9185; eugene@neo-edge.com

CIPS Global Procurement Fraud Expertise:

CIPS is the acknowledged lead in tackling corruption in procurement and it is therefore well placed to address both your organisations current and future procurement fraud and Bribery risks.

CIPS has been working with both governments. and large internationally based organisations to deliver certificated anti procurement fraud training on how to identify the risk of procurement fraud, helping them implement best practice anti-procurement fraud controls and detail how to respond once it has been identified.

CIPS is recognised within the oil and gas industry and has global contracts with top tier oil and gas organisations to provide procurement fraud training and advisory services.

Their global clients include but not exclusively:

Oil and Gas, Mineral and Mining exploration, UK Cabinet Office, Government Procurement Service, other sensitive Government departments, International funding agencies, Telecommunications, Energy sectors, Banking, NGO’s, Regulators, Retail, International Project organisations, Construction and Banking.

The UK government acknowledged the risk of procurement fraud as a national threat.

As a result , UK National Fraud Authority (NFA) which is the UK’s National Fraud Agency, published a report titled “Procurement Fraud in the Public Sector” in October 2011. The report was part of a National ‘Procurement Fraud Project’.

The final published report produced a number of medium and long term recommendations.

The UK government recognising CIPS procurement fraud expertise, recommended as an IMMEDIATE action that “The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) should work with the Government to develop and deliver a procurement fraud training module for new and existing procurement specialists in the public sector. Consideration should also be given to providing procurement fraud training to staff that audit or assure procurement processes.” (Procurement Fraud in the Public Sector, October 2011, Page 4)

CIPS were awarded the contract to deliver an e learning programme on procurement fraud mitigation to the Government Procurement Service, UK Cabinet Office. This was successfully delivered.

CIPS have launched the first global on line anti-procurement fraud training course. This course has already been bought by organisations that have rolled it out across their international operations.

This course is available to both CIPS and Non CIPS members.

See attached link for details: http://www.cips.org/procurementfraud

CIPS are working in partnership with the British Standards Institute developing the first UK Anti Procurement Fraud British.

To implement this new standard nationally, a national committee was formed which from global market sectors. An example of members of the national committee include but not exclusively: the Serious Fraud Office, Ministry of Defence, National Health Service (NHS) England and Scotland, City of London Police Fraud Squad, BNP Paribas, RBS and HSBC banking, National Health Service UK and Scotland, BP and Chevron, BUPA Healthcare and Aviva insurance.

This standard was drafted and circulated for national consultation which has now closed. This new standard will be officially released across the UK in December 2013.

On completion, this will be the first national anti-procurement fraud standard to be produced that exists globally.

Preparations are underway, to develop this UK standard into an international standard.

CIPS are working in partnership with the National Health Service to combat procurement fraud.

The NHS will be releasing this join guidance over the coming months.

If you are interested to attend, please request for the FULL AGENDA:

Eugene Azucena – Senior Marketing Manager
+65 6557 9185

CIPS promotes excellence, drives rigour, continuous improvement and delivers competitive advantage for CIPS’ members and businesses customers. CIPS works in the interests of the public to promote and develop best practice within the profession.

Established in 1932, CIPS has grown to become the central reference for industry best practice. The CIPS Code of Ethics is the standard around the world. All members of the Institute make a commitment to the Code which includes maintaining the highest levels of integrity in all business relationships and rejecting any business practice which might reasonably be deemed improper.

In 1992 The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply was awarded a Royal Charter in recognition of the organisation’s status as a centre of excellence and the support provided to the profession.

The Institute’s influence continues to inspire and drive procurement excellence. CIPS is the only non-government member of the UK Government’s Procurement Executive Board. Four national governments around the world have mandated that staff must be MCIPS qualified in order to be employed within the procurement departments. In other national governments the qualification is strongly recommended.

Procurement and supply management lies at the heart of business operations and impacts organisational health. CIPS offers a ‘one-stop shop’ for procurement and supply excellence in people, processes and performance.

Organisations that employ CIPS qualified people, who also undertake Continuing Professional Development, can be confident that they have the necessary skills to manage supply chains effectively. CIPS benchmark qualifications are regarded as the global standard and are designated by the letters MCIPS.

Driving procurement performance worldwide

CIPS operates globally and is proud to be the world’s largest procurement and supply professional organisation. The Institute’s international reach is illustrated in the composition up of its membership and business customer base:

  • CIPS has over 65,000 members in more than 150 countries.
  • Non-UK members now form more than 50% of CIPS’ members.
  • CIPS business customers are based all over the world, consisting of commercial businesses, government bodies, non-profit organisations as well as globally recognised multi-national brands.

The Institute also provides support to the profession in the developing world, delivering capability training through donor-funded programs that build effective, sustainable supply chains.

For further information visit www.cips.org

SINGAPORE: 29-31 October 2014

Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay
177A River Valley Road, Singapore 179031

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Sales Executive
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Global Procurement Fraud Tour

To register for the course, please contact: eugene@neo-edge.com

This 3-day Procurement Fraud Master Class will equip you with the necessary skills and know-how in detecting, mitigating and investigating procurement frauds in an organization or projects.
Real life case studies and interactive group exercises will be essential in this global master class.

Sneak preview of our case studies and group exercises:
Case study 1
• A real procurement fraud investigation around a large international project
• How did it occur?
• Why was the fraud not identified?

Case study 2
• Trainer will discuss a high value procurement fraud investigation.
• Discuss the difficulties around the case and the investigation.

Group Student exercise – Tender fraud identification exercise
• A simulated student exercise will take place where students will analyse prequalification and invitation to tender responses to see if procurement fraud can identified.

Student exercise – Fraud investigation
• A multi-million pound procurement fraud investigation.
• Students will carry out a simulated corporate procurement fraud Investigation.
• This exercise will manage the various investigation stages from report to through to the final conclusion.
• Simulated paperwork will be provided to support each stage of the investigation
• Report preparation and submission will be discussed.
• All elements of this enquiry will be discussed this case with the trainer including exhibit and crime scene management. Additionally the traps will be identified that many investigators fall into.

Procurement fraud strategy: Group workshop exercise
• Students will be involved in managing the procurement fraud risks within a large infrastructure project (simulated).
• This exercise will demonstrate the relevance of the course and enable students to put into practice the knowledge learned during the course.
• In conjunction with the trainer will go through a real life project and identify how to identify the risk, prevention approach, how to detect procurement fraud and finally how to investigate it
• This information together will form an effective counter procurement fraud strategy.

We are not going to hype up what the course will achieve and what you will take away. Contact us without obligation and we will send you the exact breakdown of the course.

Once you have received the programme, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Eugene Azucena – Senior Marketing Manager
+65 6557 9185

Agmat Ally, Strategic Sourcing and Operational Purchasing Manager, Denel Aerostructures (SOC) Ltd. South Africa

I had recently attended the Fraud in Procurement Master Class with my team. At first I thought a workshop in procurement fraud should not take three days and had my reservations about attending but too my amazement it was one of the best courses/workshops that we have attended in a long time. The layout of the course content over the three days was perfect based on the amount of information covered. The presentation and facilitation of the content was excellent. Mr. Paul Guile is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and is indeed an expert in the field of Procurement Fraud. We have returned to the office and strengthened internal controls as well as implemented new policies and procedures and practices to assist in deterring procurement fraud. My team is now appreciative of the knowledge gained and always “Check” I would most definitely recommend that all within the Procurement Fraternity attend the Paul Guile Master Class in Procurement Fraud, Check, Check and Check again’.

Wayne Flanagan , University of Fort Hare, South Africa

After attending the Master Class: Fraud in Procurement I find it difficult to trust any documentation that comes my way. I found the course to be an absolute eye opener. I would suggest that all Procurement Officials/Officer attend this information sharing training session and become equipped with the knowledge that is gained from attending a workshop of this nature. Paul is totally focused on this subject matter which comes across very clearly during the presentation of the workshop. The workshop is also conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere with all delegates participating throughout the workshop.

Agnes Mwanza, Senior Buyer, Mopani Copper Mines, Zambia

The “Master Class” fraud workshop was excellent. I initially had reservations as I had pre-conceived ideas from previously attended courses. Obviously I was wrong. Your course is informative and educative. It outlines ways to detect fraud and how to resolve it. You also came up with different types of forms which can assist in policy formulation/implementation; this is very helpful and will assist in convincing my Manager. Overall, your presentation of the course and materials therein is very good and professionally done. You sure know what you are into and enjoy doing it.

Khaled Yousef, Internal Audit Manager, AlSuhaimi Group – Internal Audit & Compliance

“I attended this class aiming at gaining some extra knowledge about Procurement fraud, but what I got was much more, the instructor was great person with great personality and excellent presenter, the course was intensive, comprehensive and well structured. I came back to my work bringing lots of new ideas, policies and procedures and best practices which will definitely enhance the internal controls over procurement activities and add value to my organization.”

Richard Reynolds, MBA, MSc, FCIPS, MILT, Global Director, Procurement, Worley Parsons

Paul delivered the CIPS Fraud in Procurement Master Class workshop in Shanghai to our global procurement management team, which was, quite possibly, one of the best training workshops that we have been on in recent years. Paul’s depth of knowledge in the subject ensured that we got the best out of the time spent with him. Even when the workshop was finished we still want to learn more. For us, it’s always an advantage to be taught by someone who has lived in those shoes in all those types of situation. Paul knows his stuff and is able to share that insight; our eyes were opened to the various types of fraud, risks and tactics deployed by fraudsters. The team is certainly keen to deploy their newly acquired investigation skills and prevention strategies. Paul is an informed, creative and confident trainer and presenter, his style is relaxed and his knowledge base is thorough and wide-ranging. Everyone in the team felt he was addressing them personally, and came away enthused and confident, keen to put that new-found knowledge to good use. Paul delivers.

Amitava Baksi, Chief Procurement (RM & Global Mineral Resources ) I Raw Materials Division, Tata Steel Limited, India

I attended the Procurement Fraud Master class in Singapore during July 2012. It was very informative and pertinent in the current business environment globally. I strongly believe that every organisation should create an awareness and preparedness to safeguard itself from any such procurement fraud. The program focused on the enhancement of knowledge in this field through a mix of the theoretical inputs and workshop exercise which was very well received by all the participants. Your input on the structure for formulation of procurement fraud strategy and its deployment was also very meaningful.

Abdul Zia, Procurement Manager, Aga Khan Foundation, Afghanistan

The trainer was excellent, he used to present the training contains in a very professional method, and bring the vital points in to discussions board among the participants. I really loved the training arrangements in term of materials, facilities and venue. The training was unique in contains, besides the trainer made it more advantageous with his wide skill in presentation and practical experience in procurement fraud investigations. This training helped me out to learn more in procurement fraud, and ways to control it and investigate whereas needed. In sum, the training in procurement fraud has highly impacted on my professional knowledge and empowers my understanding deeply to how practically and professionally deal with fraud cases in procurement process, If happens. I would highly recommend this training to people who are involved in procurement management and other senior management in organizations who would love to have a healthy procurement process in place within their organizations.

Olusoji Funsho Fakunle, PhD, Security Investigations Coordinator, Chevron Oil, Nigeria

I enjoyed every bit of the time I spent on the Procurement Fraud training and I’ve learnt quite a lot from your wealth of experience, which you did not hesitate to share with us. The course was an eye-opener to the level & style of Fraud that is going on around the world and it has helped to sharpen my investigative skills. I hope one day, I will be able to assist my company in nipping in the bud cases of Fraud, before they become manifest, with what I am able to learn from you.

Evan Darcy, Procurement Superintendent, Shared Services, Phu Bia Mining Limited

Having attended the Fraud Master Class Workshop in Malaysia earlier in the year, I was impressed with the ease in which the course materials and presentations were made in a simple, yet effective format. Paul is an excellent communicator and presenter who is passionate about the subject of fraud and inherent business risks. It opened my eyes to the number of various touch-points from procurement that were at a susceptible risk of fraud and upon my return to work, immediately implemented several reporting methods that are still in use today. I also recommended to the business that a tailor made course be held for the organization to suit our industry & region, which was well attended and appreciated on a number of different levels. I thoroughly recommend the services of Paul Guile to any business – even if they think that they don’t have a fraud issue.

Brian Lillywhite, Director – Internal Affairs Division, Papua New Guinea Customs Service

I found the course to be thought provoking, more than interesting, most useful and well presented. This course is ideal not only for developed countries but more importantly for developing nations. The course content itself is most relevant, and occasionally brought raised eye brows and little smiles of embarrassment to faces of participants. Raised eye brows from realising something new or over-looked and embarrassment for things know but having turned a blind-eye to. It pointed out in no simple terms the major problems faced with Procurement Fraud. I have attended a few other courses but would have to say this was one of the best if not the best so far. I would highly recommend this course for people especially interested in fighting mismanagement of funds and those standing against corruption.

This course has been designed to assist:

  • Governments and organisations to identify best practice anti-procurement fraud controls that are required within the supply chain management process to mitigate procurement fraud.
  • Those responsible for the drafting and implementing of procurement fraud and corruption strategies
  • Those responsible for identifying fraud risks during the implementation of large national infrastructure projects such as road, rail, national events and telecommunications
  • Project organisations that consider both procurement fraud and bid rigging a risk
  • Those tasked with identifying organisational financial risks in both region and global organisations
  • Those who have responsibility for administering global/country compliance programmes
  • Those involved in supply chain risk management including third party risks and tender management
  • Those who wish to carry out a procurement fraud health check to complement their current bribery and corruption controls
  • The training of both procurement and non-procurement staffs in how to identify procurement fraud so it can be reported and investigated
  • Those organisations which are expanding into emerging markets or involved in joint ventures and mergers.
  • Auditors in identifying procurement fraud red flags
  • Those involved in procurement fraud investigations
  • Organisations that have been subject to external sanctions and wish to show holistic lessons learnt approach to procurement fraud/corruption controls and to demonstrate a definitive response.

If you are interested to attend, please request for the FULL AGENDA:

Eugene Azucena – Senior Marketing Manager
+65 6557 9185

CIPS is the leading independent global body representing the procurement and supply profession. CIPS has a global community of almost 100,000 in 150 different countries, including senior business people, high-ranking civil servants and leading academics.

Procurement and supply management lies at the heart of business operations and impacts organisational health. CIPS offers a ‘one-stop shop’ for procurement and supply excellence in people, processes and performance. Organisations that employ CIPS qualified people, who also undertake Continuing Professional Development, can be confident that they have the necessary skills to manage supply chains effectively.

CIPS benchmark qualifications are regarded as the global standard and are designated by the letters MCIPS. www.cips.org

*Neoedge is proud to partner with CIPS on this very first Global Procurement Fraud Master Class tour. Upon the completion of this workshop delegates will receive 21 CPD points AND Certificate from CIPS.

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Media Collaboration and Registration Enquiries:
Eugene Azucena, Marketing Manager – ENERGY & Strategic Management
Phone: +65 6557 9185
Fax: +65 6557 9188

As CIPS is a not for profit global organisation, this is reflected in our pricing.

Total cost for the 3 day course:

USD 1,495/pax for 1 delegate
USD 1,295/pax for 2 delegates or more

This cost includes:

  • A certificate to show successful completion of the course
  • A 25 page desk top aide memoire that includes key reminders from the course
  • Supporting documentation and Instruction on how to put together an effective counter procurement fraud strategy.

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