Creating Local Content In a Cost Effective and Accelerated Manner

Ramada Georgetown Princess Hotel, Guyana,
22nd-24th August 2023


“Learn Through Decades of Practical Experience and Real-world Lessons”

Success in Local Content is all about effective, efficient, and productive collaboration among key stakeholders. Local Content has become an essential humanitarian initiative driven by the emergence of Environmental, Social and Governance investment criteria. When implemented effectively, it also helps to create long term business value through stronger relationships.

This course is going to focus squarely on the need to tackle local content early. Doing so isn’t easy – and it requires collaboration. It will require close working relationships among the Government, the international oil or mining companies, the local companies and the EPC contractors, etc. Other courses concentrate on the metrics of local content – or the definitions thereof.

We will of course talk about these – but the focus will instead be on the dynamics of the relationships among the key stakeholders involved in the project. A guiding premise of this course will be that we commence the Local Content process early in the project lifecycle.

We invite you to join with colleagues from diverse organizations, regions, roles, and cultures to explore the intricate aspects of optimized local content implementation.

Key Questions That Will Be Answered at This Workshop

  • How to make local content strategies a critical selling factor for you – no matter your place in the supply chain?
  • Who is really accountable for local content?
  • Working across different departments within a single organization is a challenge – add in the multiple partners, and the changing phases on the project and it’s clear that coordination is key. Our Instructors will lead you through 3 days of examining how to facilitate productive collaboration?
  • How do you monitor and measure local content value?
  • How do you become a partner of choice for governments and owners in the industries of oil & gas and mining etc. via strong local content solutions?
  • How do you raise awareness in the local market of upcoming opportunities without elevating expectations beyond what is possible?
  • How best to strengthen local companies and train local workers while ensuring the government is engaged and able to assume the duties for long-term sustainability?

Learn from two world-class experts

 Harry Pastuszek      Jim Walton   

Course Format

This course will be held in a highly interactive workshop format. Limited class size is strictly enforced to enhance individual learning experience and interaction with trainer and other participants.


Mr. Pastuszek’s understanding of local content and its impacts on different players in the oil and gas value chain makes him an excellent guide for anyone wanting to learn how to generate positive impacts from oil and gas in challenging environments.

- An NOC Oil and Gas Manager

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com or please call us at Tel: +65 6980 8567


Why Local Content?

  • What came before “it”?
  • What happens if we don’t focus on “it”?
  • Who are the winners?
  • Who are the losers?


  • Why are you here?
  • What kind of organization do you represent?
  • What is the driver for local content in your market?
  • How is Local Content defined?
  • Where are you in the project lifecycle?

Objectives and Demands

  • Define the Objectives
  • Understand Demands

Case StudyCarrying out a demand analysis in a multi-operator, production-phase context Supply analysis

  • Use demand analysis to focus on most relevant local industry sectors
  • What is known of local company capacity?
  • Surveying local companies
  • How to verify info
  • How to manage expectations


Review Day 1 / Q&A Case StudyBuilding a credible database of local companies Analyzing gaps between supply and demand

  • What are the limiting factors for local participation?
  • How can gaps be closed?
  • Prioritizing areas for closure of gaps
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities

Program Design

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Funding
  • Sustainability

  • Too often, international companies active in a country fail to seize opportunities to collaborate with other international companies operating in the same country
  • Many international companies tend to keep their plans and operations to themselves
  • Further, even partners such as EPC contractors and oilfield service companies tend to be held at arm’s length
  • How can these relationships evolve to facilitate more openness with local companies as part of capacity building?

Ownership of local content efforts and responsibilities for implementation Never too early to start

  • Leveraging FEED efforts
  • Delivery of local content in early works
  • Evaluate cost and schedule implications of Local Content

Review Day 1 & 2 / Q&A

Case Study - Making Preliminary Project Work / Front End Design deliver local content value

Special review of Guyana’s Local Content Legislation

Is Regulation the answer?

  • The rush to regulate is not always the best means of delivering local content value
  • The capabilities of the local companies need to be well understood

What makes for effective regulation? What are the risks of over-regulation?

  • Regulation that limits foreign investment can be as harmful in the long-run as not regulating at all
  • Facilitating greater local participation, through training and capacity building is often necessary
  • The Government risks loss of credibility if it regulates in a way that limits foreign investment, or worse, in a way that its Ministries simply lack capacity to monitor or enforce

How to avoid alienating investors Case Study – Emergent Local Content Regulations – lessons from the real world

  • We will examine in detail some proposed local content regulations from new host countries
  • We will assess the relative effectiveness of other existing approaches to regulation
  • In sum, we will seek to agree on some markers of effective and efficient regulation

Wrap up of the 3-Day Course / Q&A

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com Or please call us at Tel: +65 6980 8567

Learn from two world-class experts

 Harry Pastuszek      Jim Walton   

Harry Pastuszek is a Bar-accredited attorney (Juris Doctor, George Mason University, USA; BA Economics, Wake Forest University, USA) with a specific focus on International Business Transactions. Mr. Pastuszek serves as Government and Stakeholder Engagement Manager – Guyana for Bechtel Corporation. He is instructing this course as an independent consultant. Prior to rejoining Bechtel in 2022, Harry served for 8 years as Vice President, Enterprise and Community Development for PYXERA Global – one of the world’s leading implementers of local content programming targeting the oil and gas industry. PYXERA Global implemented multi-year local content programs in Mozambique and Ghana, and completed short-term assignments on behalf of oil and gas and mining clients and international finance institutions in Cote d’Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Uganda.

He began his career in the Environment and Social Development Department of the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation. His work with IFC included three years as a grants officer working in Small and Medium Enterprise development associated with oil and gas and mining projects in some of the world’s toughest markets. Following his time at IFC, Mr. Pastuszek went on to become a Sustainable Development Manager for Bechtel Corporation, delivering local content value to companies such as Shell, Saudi Aramco, and Chevron on projects in places as diverse as the Texas Gulf Coast and Soyo in Angola. He then assumed the role of Global Manager for Bechtel Corporation’s Mining and Metals business – based out of Brisbane, Australia. This time afforded Mr. Pastuszek a different industry perspective on some of the same issues confronting multinational corporations trying to satisfy host government demands for more local content.

Mr. Pastuszek brings a wealth of understanding of the different drivers for local content – from the perspective of a World Bank institution, an EPC contractor, and as a consultant most often working on behalf of IOCs in the world’s most challenging settings. He is particularly well-versed in navigating the partner relationships on complex projects – knowing how to encourage top performance from all the players in the chain, from Ministries, to NOCs, to IOCs through to Tier 1 contractors. Perhaps most importantly, he is well-versed in the needs of local companies trying to navigate the complex prequalification and tendering processes of international companies. Throughout his career, Mr. Pastuszek has focused on leveraging private sector investment to deliver economic benefits and alleviate poverty in some of the world’s most challenging contexts.

Jim Walton is a Chemical Engineer (BS Chem Eng Bucknell University, USA), with a Master of Business Administration (Pepperdine University, USA), and has completed a Stanford University Executive Business Program held in Singapore in conjunction with the National University of Singapore. He also holds a Project Management Professional Certification and a Professional Engineering License.

Mr. Walton served as the Director of Corporate Strategy and Local Content for the Fluor Corporation. Fluor is one of the world’s largest Engineering, Procurement & Construction companies, operating in 60+ countries around the world. He was responsible for the Oil, Gas & Chemicals and Mining & Metals markets.

He spent almost 40 years working with Fluor, including 11 years working in Process Engineering and Project Management on large projects in South Africa, Belgium, Thailand, and the USA. The subsequent years were spent in Strategic Planning, Marketing, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Strategy and Local Content. He performed global market size forecasts, competitor analyses, regional strategic plans, and annual presentations to the Corporate Executive team. He helped complete six acquisitions and seven joint ventures.

He has traveled to 62 countries and worked in 36 countries. Mr. Walton continues to provide consulting services to Fluor today. He has performed Local Content work in 20 countries including Trinidad & Tobago, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Mozambique, Uganda, South Africa, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and Malaysia. He demonstrated the strategic benefit of having a comprehensive Local Content Plan for mega-projects. He worked closely with project teams to create the Local Content Plan, benchmark local suppliers and create a video to clearly demonstrate Fluor’s positive impact on the local economy.

Mr. Walton has made many presentations at Local Content Global Conferences that included IOCs, NOCs, and Mining Companies. He was a member of the Global Local Content Council that included the Head of Local Content from ExxonMobil, Shell, TOTAL, the CEOs of the NOCs in Mozambique and Oman and the Head of Local Content in Nigeria. He was also a key speaker at a World Bank Conference on Reconciling Trade and Local Content Development held in Mexico City.

He believes that enhancing Local Content is an essential humanitarian initiative that helps to create long term business relationships. The challenge is to create the appropriate Local Plan that balances the needs of all the key stakeholders and then clearly communicate that plan to the key stakeholders.

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com Or please call us at Tel: +65 6980 8567

All those involved in the Local Content development and implementation, such as: Project Managers and Engineering Managers, Procurement & Supply Chain Professionals, Construction Managers, Contracts Managers and Professionals, Project Development and Sales, Sustainability Managers, Corporate Social Responsibility Managers, Human Resource Managers, Skills Training Professionals, Contract and Labor Lawyers, Technical Experts/Managers, Finance Experts/Managers, Commercial Managers, Insurance Managers, External Affairs Managers, Strategic Planning Professionals, Business Analyst, etc.

Types of Organizations include Government Bodies, National Oil Companies, International Oil Corporation, Oil Field Services Corporation, Mining & Metals Corporation, Chemical & Petrochemical Corporation, Power Generation Firms, Engineering & Construction Firms, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), Independent Exploration & Production Companies, Consultant Firms, Logistic and Infrastructure Companies, Technology/Engineering /Equipment Firms or Suppliers, Investment Banks / Investors / Financiers / VC / Funds, Insurance / Risk Management Companies, etc.

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com Or please call us at Tel: +65 6980 8567

“Learn Through Decades of Practical Experience and Real-world Lessons”

Projects in Oil & Gas and Mining, etc. are often targeting new and challenging emerging market contexts – these host countries have watched and learned from Nigeria, Angola, Malaysia and Brazil and want to see production partners contributing local contracting, procurement, and workforce value IMMEDIATELY.

Project development is increasingly characterized by complex relationships between multiple actors, each with different business drivers and approaches: Government Ministries, Oil & Mining companies, EPC Contractors, investors and a range of consultancies, etc.

Getting these relationships right from the start – aligning interests, incentives, accountabilities and penalties regarding local participation – ensures, in early project stages, to establish a foundation in local content that will deliver through the production and operations phase.

Effectively bridging between project phases – exploration to development to production to closure – is critical to ensuring the commercial sustainability of local content programming.

Increasingly complex projects – deep sea, LNG, strategic minerals – all make localization efforts more difficult.

However, new host countries’ desire to not be visited by the “resource curse” will guarantee that local content legislation will only intensify with time.

Understanding how to enhance tried and trusted internal contracting, procurement, and human resources procedures to facilitate localization in a way that will not harm, and in fact benefit, the bottom line will differentiate winners from losers.

Knowing with whom to work and how best to organize interventions for building local company and workforce capacity is critical.

Come work with colleagues from various backgrounds around the world to analyze and understand current local content challenges from multiple perspectives.

Mr. Pastuszek and Mr. Walton will draw on insights from their time with multiple EPC contractors, NGOs and international finance institutions etc. They will engage and promote critical thinking to confront universal challenges in Local Content development and implementation.

Pre-Course Questionnaires Mr. Pastuszek and Mr. Walton would like to customize the training based on your specific needs. Pre-Course Questionnaire will be sent to you prior to the workshop to provide feedback and for the trainers to analyse in advance and address them during the course.

CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT Upon the successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement bearing the signatures from both the Expert Trainers and the Course Organizer. This Certificate will testify your endeavour and serve towards your professional advancement.

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to: hayat@neo-edge.com Or please call us at Tel: +65 6980 8567

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