Executive Learning Tour on Urban Planning

- An Integrated Learning Approach

Program Overview

Urbanization has been a global trend. Rapid urban population growth is posing tremendous challenges to employment, housing and other basic urban services, as well as the improvement of urban infrastructure and protection of living environments.

By focusing on the experience of Singapore and its applications to participant’s country, this executive development program aims at assisting urban planners and administrators to acquire the valuable experience, skills and competence required to design and implement effective urban and regional development policies and strategies.

The program is structured through a mix of in-class learning and field visits.

Why Singapore and what are its applicable experiences?

The Singapore development story has highlighted the constant trade-offs for scarce natural resources, limited land and the burgeoning population, the need to sustain economic growth, high quality of life and economic competitiveness.

Forward-looking planning plays an essential part in transforming Singapore’s city development. It is of great value to tap into Singapore’s expertise in urban development and management, in an effort to effectively deal with the problems that arise alongside urbanization.

Why You Should Attend

  • best practices and insights into Singapore’s development strategies
  • interactive courses featuring highly selective topics, case studies and group discussions
  • site tours to get a first-hand experience at Singapore’s successful urban planning projects
  • study visits to relevant government agencies and companies
  • networking and peer learning with experts and participants

Program Themes

Experts and senior practitioners from urban planning background will be engaged to facilitate in-depth exploration of the following themes. Participants can also select certain themes to focus on.

  • Singapore Urban development
  • Integrated Land-use planning
  • Public housing
  • Land transport
  • Water management
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Public-Private Partnership for Infrastructure Investment
  • Maritime management
  • Civil aviation management
  • Industrial development

Our Edges

  • Professional customized learning solutions

An experienced learning specialist will be assigned to liaise with various stakeholders on finding out their specific learning objectives, based on which our Project Team will customize the program content and learning format.

  • Comprehensive and quality logistical arrangements

Accommodation, meals, transport and field visits will be attended by us to ensure fruitful learning and pleasant stay in Singapore for all participants.

Training time and location are customizable according to your preference. Kindly contact us for more information. 

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